Correct Course Consulting

The Benefits

  • Identify opportunities to catapult your business
  • Tailor your message to attract the right clients
  • Get your potential clients motivated to do business
  • Close more sales
  • Create loyal customers
  • Get referrals
  • Take charge of your success

Turning passion into extraordinary business results.


  • Equitable Mortgage Solutions, LLC +

    "Availing ourselves of Nancy’s expertise is one of the best investments we have made. You actually feel she is a partner in your company and is truly committed in helping reach goals and exceed expectations. Do your organization a great service and solicit her help and guidance….. "
    Tara Cormier, Equitable Mortgage Solutions, LLC

  • Information Technology +

    "I've known Nancy since college and she is an extremely motivated and high integrity person. She is gifted with the right personality and motivation to "make things happen". I'd always be thrilled to have her on my team!!"
    John Ayo, Class Manager, IBM

  • Human Resources Services +

    "Nancy is a very determined sales professional that always strives to do her best. She is very diligent in her training of others making sure they reach their goals and achieve success."
    Melissa White, Sales Executive, ADP Totalsource

  • Business Process Outsourcing +

    "Nancy is top-notch. She has the knowledge, drive, and determination to get the job done-each time, every time. She does what is right for the customer. I highly recommend her as a strategic partner."
    Chad Simpson, Oasis Outsourcing

  • Finance & Insurance +

    “By working with Correct Course Consulting, we have made great progress toward our sales goals. Nancy identifies areas where we need to change. These shifts make a big impact. Nancy cares about us as people, not just about our business."
    Dean McBride, President, Cowboy Financial Advisors

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The Business Edge

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Marcia Zidle.

Virtual Sales Management

Business Consulting

We provide the training, coaching and accountability tools needed to keep your sales efforts on track. From prospecting to closing, we help you drive sales and improve your bottom line.

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Sales & Communication Training

NLP Integration

We conduct trainings and workshops for small teams or large organizations on a variety of topics that will increase personal and team performance. Public trainings are also available for individuals to attend.

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We address networking groups, association audiences and company meetings with topics that help build sales skills and improve the bottom line.

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Business Launching Pad

Solo Pronuer

If you are starting a new business as a solo practitioner or embarking on a product launch, our team of experts will build synergy between your capabilities, your market and your message and drive more sales into your company.

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Our Mission


Our mission is to help business owners and employees exceed their sales goals and grow their businesses. We have a unique perspective on what works and what doesn't. Consulting with individuals and organizations, we help my clients develop detailed outcomes, eliminate barriers and determine what needs to happen to get in the door and close sales.